Investigation of the Hospital Elder Life Program to prevent delirium | Not Recruiting
Investigation of the Hospital Elder Life Program to prevent delirium

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  • Topic: Generic Health Relevance and Cross Cutting Themes
  • Subtopic: Generic Health Relevance (all Subtopics)
  • Disease: Health Services Research
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Research Details
  • Design: Case studies in three hospitals Objectives: 1. Review and adapt the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) for use in the UK 2. Identify strategies to support the implementation of HELP 3. Determine the optimum methods to deliver HELP in routine care
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Study Design
Observational qualitative case study
Study Type

Qualitative investigation with NHS staff, hospital volunteers, patient and carer representatives including three, two-hour facilitated workshops in three hospital sites, individual interviews and focus groups. Three workshops in each of the three hospital sites will be undertaken over 12 - 18 months.

Intervention Type
Primary Outcome Measures
  • Qualitative investigation
Secondary Outcome Measures
  • No secondary outcome measures
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Age Range
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Number of Participants
Planned sample size: 90; UK sample size: 90
Participant Inclusion Criteria
  • Participants in the study will be NHS staff, hospital volunteers, and patient and/or carer representatives. Following discussion with relevant managers and clinicians, HELP development teams will be set up in three hospitals. Eight to ten staff and others having a potential interest/role in the programme (e.g. senior manager, senior doctor, matron, nurse consultant and/or specialist nurse, staff nurse, therapist, manager of the volunteer service, volunteer, patient representative, care assistant and ward clerk) will be approached for participation. Additionally, a number of other clinical staff and volunteers will be approached for interview and focus group participation.
  • Target Gender: Male and female
  • Lower Age Limit: 18 years
Participant Exclusion Criteria
  • Does not meet inclusion criteria
Trial Location(s)
GSK Investigational Site
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Primary Trial Contact
Dr John Green
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United Kingdom
Scientific Title
An investigation of the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) system of care to prevent delirium: a qualitative case study
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  • National Insititute for Health Research (NIHR) (UK) - Programme Grant for Applied Research (PGfAR)
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Bradford Royal Infirmary (UK)
Key Dates

Recruitment Start Date

01 Dec 2009

Recruitment End Date

30 Nov 2012

Trial Start Date

01 Dec 2009

Trial End Date

30 Nov 2012

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30 Jun 2010

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29 May 2015