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from the NIHR Dissemination Centre

The benefits and harms of aspirin for people with type 2 diabetes are finely balanced
Daily aspirin reduced the risk of serious vascular events among people with diabetes, while increasing the risk of major bleeding to a similar extent. Aspirin prevented one person in every 100 from having a heart attack or stroke over seven years, but an additional person per 100 experienced a major bleed. The ASCEND study is one of three large placebo-controlled trials investigating the effects of 100mg daily aspirin for primary prevention in people without established cardiovascular disease. However, unlike other trials (in healthy older adults), this study found that aspirin had no effect on cancer risk during the study period. The finding supports NICE recommendations that aspirin shouldn’t be prescribed to people with diabetes who do not have existing cardiovascular disease.
04 December 2018

Fish oil supplements do not reduce cardiovascular deaths in people with diabetes without existing vascular disease
Omega-3 fatty acid supplements make no difference to cardiovascular outcomes in people with diabetes but without established cardiovascular disease. Serious vascular events like heart attack, stroke or deaths from these occurred in about 10% of people regardless of whether they took daily omega-3 or placebo capsules for seven years. The ASCEND studyis a large UK trial assessing primary cardiovascular prevention for people with any type of diabetes. A companion publication assesses the use of aspirin. The results are consistent with a recent large Cochrane review assessing omega-3 fatty acids in any population. Pooled analysis of around 40 high-quality trials of omega-3 supplements similarly found no effect on cardiovascular events or mortality. The finding supports NICE recommendations that omega-3 fatty acids should not be offered to people with diabetes for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
04 December 2018

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