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Why is taking part in research so important?

Healthcare research is all about increasing knowledge that can lead to new treatments, policies and care. Through research we can perform life saving treatments, improve health and care for generations to come and ensure everyone has a better quality of life. 

Although health professionals know a great deal about health, diseases and medicines, there are still so many questions that need answers and further exploration.

Research helps to answer these uncertainties, and fill those gaps in knowledge. Improvements and discoveries mean that healthcare professionals can improve care for people everywhere. 

But studies can only take place if people are willing to get involved - that way, researchers can learn what works, and what doesn't. 

Health and social care research can help:

  • Identify people at risk of getting ill and help prevent illness

  • Improve knowledge and understanding about different conditions

  • Measure how effective treatments, therapies and services are, so that doctors can give the best advice to patients in future

  • Improve the environment, health and wellbeing of a local population 

There are different types of research available, from answering a questionnaire or taking part in a therapy session, to scans or physical tests at a hospital or being involved in a drug trial. 

You may be interested in taking part in research for some of these reasons:

  • To support medical research in a particular condition or disease area that you care about

  • Improve treatments and quality of life, now and for future generations

  • To learn more about a condition that affects you

  • To access new treatments

  • To take an active role in your own care

If you are interested in getting involved in research, you can search our database to find suitable studies by using the search bar at the top of the page. You can search by condition, location and any other area of interest to you.