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from the NIHR Dissemination Centre

New strategies for maintaining blood supplies from donations may be cost-effective
Opening blood donation centres on weekday evenings and at weekends is a cost-effective way of increasing the blood supply used by hospitals in the UK. Allowing donors to give blood more often could increase supplies in the short term, but it isn’t clear if it would be cost-effective in the long-term. This NIHR-funded modelling study used data from a recent large randomised trial in the UK that investigated the safety of donating blood more frequently than current guidance allows. This was combined with current UK donation records, cost data, and the preferences of about 34,000 existing donors who were surveyed for this study. The NHS Blood and Transplant service is looking for ways to increase supplies of blood types that are in high demand. This study adds to the evidence about which strategies are both clinically effective and cost-effective. This should help to inform future service changes.
12 February 2019

No additional weight-loss reported from a lifestyle programme for people with psychosis
For adults with psychosis, such as schizophrenia, who are taking antipsychotic medication, a carefully designed 12-month group diet and exercise programme did not lead to clinically important weight loss after 12 months. The programme was compared with those receiving usual care including written lifestyle advice. Intervention and usual care groups each lost half a kilo on average, with no measurable changes in diet or physical activity. People with schizophrenia are twice as likely to be overweight as the general population, as medication side effects frequently include weight gain. This NIHR-funded study with over 400 participants in 10 areas across England is the largest UK randomised trial to date. It shows that this hard-to-reach group can be recruited and retained in structured self-management programmes delivered by trained facilitators. However, it was neither clinically effective nor cost-effective. Alternative, affordable approaches are much needed.
12 February 2019

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